Christmas is on trial in this series and time is running out. Will justice prevail? Will Christmas come?

Attorney Thad Raker deals with odd clients, conspiring

adversaries, cantakerous judges and his own doubts as he fights to win cases that will save Christmas.


The courtroom has never been so magical.   

The Christmas Heist


ISBN-Trade 978-0-9861516-5-1

ISBN-eBook 978-0-9681516-6-8

A homeless Salvation Army bell ringer is arrested and placed on trial two days before Christmas for stealing an electronic device that holds the key to Christmas. Attorney Thad Raker learns that his client's fate and the fate of Christmas are inextricably intertwined and it is up to him to try to solve the mystery and save Christmas.

The Legally Binding Christmas




Attorney Thad Raker represents an eccentric client living in a house with a Christmas secret. When the county goes to court to take the property, Raker must battle conspiring adversaries, a cantankerous judge and his own personal feelings and doubts. If he loses the case, Christmas won’t come for hundreds of thousands of children. Can Raker save Christmas, and in the process, save himself?  


The Christmas Redemption



When attorney Thad Raker is hired to defend the toy company that made the most popular Christmas present in 50 years - the Reindeer Hoverboard - he becomes entangled in the greatest threat to Christmas yet, and he learns that the fate of Santa's village is at risk. Standing in his way are a large class of angry plaintiffs, an unbelieving judge, the FBI, several North Pole conspirators, and Hank Snow, Raker's nemesis from his previous two Christmas trials. 



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